ph. by Claudio Cappai. Cagliari 2018.



Diario di un fulmine (2020) for ensemble; De Graaf Kunstenplek Gent, Nemø Ensemble. August 29th 2021.


A picture taken at my first concert in Wien, August 27th at the Reaktor, musicians of the PHACE Ensemble played Sighs (2016).

(ph: Markus Bruckner).

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A picture taken at DeFeniks, Belgium, may 16th 2021, musicians of the NEMO Ensemble played Diario di un fulmine (2020).


With Duo Dubois during rehearsal for my piece Giorni ritorni divago ricordo (2019).

Impuls Festival 2019, Graz, Impuls Academy and reading section with Klangforum Wien for Notturno di vaghi ritorni (2017) for bass calrinet and ensemble.

Darmstadt 2018, with Stanislas Pili, rehearsal for Inner Forest (2018).